Roof Cleaning

It's very important to ensure your roof is cleaned regularly.


  • Moss, algae, dirt and lichen on roof tiles is a big problem Roof algae are a country-wide issue, there are several culprits that grow on roofs making a mess of things, one is a bacteria "Gloeocapsa Magma".
  • Other organisms like mildew and algae are unsightly but not as destructive as some of the more aggressive bacteria such as fungus, moss and lichens.
  • These algae, mould, mildew, bacteria, lichen and moss directly decompose and break down roofing materials.
  • The organisms on a roof are there because of the warm, moist environment a roof creates, especially on the north and west sides of a roof.
  • Micro-organisms populate in an abundance growing so well that they begin to be noticeable to the human eye.

The good news is that these stains/micro-organisms can be safely removed. Our team are experts at cleaning roofs safely and quickly.

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